I survived Oktoberfest in Munich and all I got was this goddamn blog

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Travel
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8:32 a.m. / Sep 19

I am sitting here in a half-drunken daze at Munich Airport. This is my third visit here in the past week, but also by far the most surreal.

I’m not sure when I slept last night after loading myself with enough beer to drown an elephant at Oktoberfest, but the important part is I rolled out of bed five minutes before my alarm went off. My subconscious mind maintained a level of awareness that helped me get up on time without even disturbing anyone else at my hostel. I’m also not sure how that happened.

Despite the fact that I’m only 3 or 4 brain cells away from being a catatonic pile of piss and Lowenbrau right now, I’m deeply excited about something else: In a matter of hours, I’ll finally be fulfilling my dream of going to Iceland. I’m stopping off in Copenhagen yet again, and then I jump onto Icelandair flight 662 to Reykjavik.

It all seems like a strange vision right now. My years of research, reading and dreaming about this place are all going to come to life right before my eyes today. It doesn’t feel real just yet, but I blame that to the aforementioned hangover/the feeling that I might still be drunk/slowly withering away to dehydration.

But who cares. Northern lights, the Blue Lagoon, an active volcano and god knows what else are all waiting for me today until….Wednesday? Ye gods, what day is it? I seriously have had no concept of the days since Germany. I think this is what Oktoberfest does to a man. As far as I know, though, this is normal. Or so I’m told.


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