The “War on Christianity” is Bullshit

Posted: September 8, 2015 in The Crazy

“Kim Davis should not be in jail. We are a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, founded by those fleeing religious oppression and seeking a land where we could worship God and live according to our faith, without being imprisoned for doing so.” -Ted Cruz

No. You know what? Fuck off. You, Mr. Cruz, and the rest of the delusional boogeyman-fearing religious right are trying to turn a civil rights matter into a “war on Christianity,” and guess what? You’re full of shit. You’ve been full of shit before, you’ll be full of shit again, and you are absolutely full of shit now.

This country wasn’t founded on “Judeo-Christian values,” it was founded on secular values. Read the constitution, you numb-nutted douchecopter, and realize that there is not one mention of God, Christianity, or Jesus throughout. Not one single time. The founding fathers were not Christians; they were secular deists. Kim Davis is in jail because she is a self-indulgent fuckbag who is mean to gay people, not because she’s “exercising her religious beliefs.”

“Judeo-Christian values” wasn’t what anyone meant in 1776. The US was founded on religious freedom, meaning you can come here and worship whatever the hell god you want, free from oppression. Christian god? Sure. Mohammed? Yep. The Flying Spaghetti Monster? You bet. “Religious freedom” was never intended to be a convenient reworking of “only people who worship the right god in exactly the way we tell you to do, and if you’re rich and white you get a VIP table.”

Christians in the US don’t get to hide behind the “oh, I’m being so persecuted!” defense anymore. That defense is obsolete. The Bible, in all of its misogynistic, hypocritical wisdom, is just a book, not a means by which to discriminate, harass, and deny people of the rights that have been granted to them by a federal court. Do I get to shoot people I don’t like because the Constitution guarantees me the right to bear arms? No. And by the same logic, do I get to walk up to you if you’re saying grace in a family restaurant and tell you to be quiet because you’re offending my ever-so-sensitive atheistic proclivities? No. That’s what freedom of religion means — you can’t use it (or a lack thereof) to be a twat to someone because you can’t stand the thought of someone thinking differently than you do.

So, Mr. Cruz, I’m sure you and the religious right are excited beyond belief to use Davis as the poster child for this hilariously out-of-touch “war on Christianity” you love talking about so much. And you know something? Good. Do it. Parade this bigoted Old Testament god-fearing clown around on every major news network, 24/7. We’ll all watch your continued descent into misguided bigotry and petulant denial of court-mandated civil liberties. We’ll watch as you and Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie and the rest of your horde of slack-jawed, bleary-eyed bullies continues to complain about how gays are destroying the sanctity of marriage while your third marriage fails miserably. Right.

It’s embarrassing to me, as an American, that our would-be leaders would so casually ignore a Supreme Court decision and continue to whine endlessly about their religious beliefs being under attack. This is not in the best interests of the people you claim to represent, Mr. Cruz. For a country that’s as culturally diverse as this is, we’re still scared shitless when minority groups suddenly start getting recognized as human beings. It scared a lot of you shitless during the Civil Rights Movement, and it scares you shitless now.

And guess what? You have absolutely no ground to stand on to justify how you feel. Human beings deserve equal treatment. We should get to marry who we want to marry. That, last I checked, falls under the whole “freedom” thing you’re so hell-bent on protecting. But we love freedom so much in this country, we seem compelled to lock it in a box and put it away where nobody can touch it.

The only explanation to your feelings is you are ignorant at best, and hateful at worst. Bigotry has no place in leadership. I sincerely hope that in another 20 years, we can make progress to the point where equal rights are recognized for everyone, and people like Kim Davis are recognized as being the bigots they are. So if she’s in jail, Mr. Cruz, I understand why that would make you a little nervous.

Fuck you very much,



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